Technology Training Workshop for Churches/Synagogues/Mosques: January 14

  • Learn about using appropriate technology to strengthen your outreach, administration, member engagement, and social justice programming.
  • Know exactly where to go for objective advice on software choices, consultant evaluation, communities of practice and technology investments.
  • Network with your peers in churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, seminaries, nonprofits and the nonprofit tech community.

The organizers, sponsors and trainers are well known faith leaders, nonprofit techies, consultants, web developers and bloggers in New York City. We care deeply about strengthening faith communities so that they can better serve their constituents, progressive social change, and all New York residents.

Congregations 2.0 will be held on January 14. Price is $100/$50.

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Ever hear of ‘nptech’? It’s how nonprofit techies refer to the work they do – helping organizations use technology appropriately. For years now, the nonprofit world has been grappling with an ever-increasing array of software choices and decisions to make about communicating, fundraising, and advancing their mission.

Congregations represent a particular kind of membership based nonprofit. Compared to some other sectors, congregations often have staff less familiar with technology, a smaller budget that doesn’t include much for specialized technical staff, and a leadership less responsive to best practices and latest developments.

In New York City many congregations are deeply involved in social justice work. This can take the form of participating in Congregation Based Community Organizing networks, housing or sponsoring direct service programs for theĀ  poor, and endorsing advocacy campaigns on the city, state and national level. Capacity building for congregations translates into stronger movements for social justice to serve all New Yorkers. Sadly, many faith based efforts sorely lack technical infrastructure and trained staff.

The nptech community in New York City is strong and vibrant. Numerous organizations and communities of practice keep it strong, notably the 501 Tech Club and, two of our partners. Yet we know from experience that few staff congregations are part of these networks. We’d like to change that.

Other training centers and conferences that offer similar training that will cost you more. Because our trainers are volunteers and there is practically no overhead, we’re able to keep costs low. Another advantage of Congregations 2.0 is our specialization – this training is specifically for clergy, staff and lay leaders working for faith based membership organizations. But don’t get us wrong; we support our friends at the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee, the Support Center for Nonprofit Management, and other places where training is available. Learn more about other area resources at our workshop!

Please consider helping us by:

  • Serving as a volunteer presenter with relevant skills and case studies from your own experience.
  • Suggesting topics to include in our sessions.
  • Becoming a sponsor.
  • Informing your network, colleagues, denomination, campaign partners, students and teachers.

Contact us at or call: 202-460-5199.